How To Complete Haunted Shipwreck?

Trying to complete the Haunted Shipwreck Sea Event in Blox Fruits? Find out everything you need to know right here!

If you’re looking to conquer the event in Blox Fruits, get ready for an exciting challenge! This event is part of the Ghost update and is designed for the bravest players.

Don’t worry, though! I’m here to help you out. I’ll guide you through the location of the Haunted Shipwreck and the rewards it offers. So grab your Shark Anchor Sword and let’s set sail together.

The Haunted Shipwreck in Blox Fruits is located in the treacherous waters of Sea Danger Level 6. You’ll need to be in the Third Sea to find it.

So, the Haunted Shipwreck in Blox Fruits is extremely rare! It appears in the deep sea and can disappear just as quickly. It’s like the Leviathan, one of the rarest events in the game.


When you stumble upon the Haunted Shipwreck in Blox Fruits, you’ll spot it by the eerie green-blue glow and the Sharks circling around it. Those Sharks aren’t your typical sea predators, my friend. They’re tougher, meaner, and pack a stronger punch! They’re guarding some valuable loot, so be prepared for a challenge.


Here’s the deal: to conquer the Haunted Shipwreck, you gotta make sure your boat stays intact. Those Sharks and the Ghost Ship’s attacks are serious business. They’ll sink your boat, and the Haunted Shipwreck will disappear if you’re not careful.

Once you step foot on that spooky Ghost Ship, get ready for a fight! There might be up to three enemies waiting for you, and they won’t be too friendly. Strategize with your team if you have one, and take them down one by one. If you’re going solo, take your time and plan each move carefully. Remember, the first attack can make a big difference.

To conquer the event in Blox Fruits, make sure to use your strongest moves right away and defeat those ghostly creatures before they overpower you. Oh, and don’t forget to snag those chests scattered around the shipwreck once you’re done. They’re filled with amazing stuff like Fragments, Ectoplasm, Bones, Fool’s Gold, and lots of money! Sometimes, you might even find a super rare Ghost Fruit! That’s all you need to know, my friend. And hey, if you want to help others with this guide, share this link with your game buddies.