Buddha Fruit

Blox Fruits is an awesome game on Roblox that’s full of excitement and action. And guess what? It has some really cool fruits with amazing powers! One fruit that really shines is the Buddha Fruit. It’s like a precious gem in the game because of its special abilities. In this article, we’ll explore all the power, features, and usefulness of the Buddha Fruit. So get ready to discover the awesomeness of this fruit in Blox Fruits.


Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Buddha Fruit

Buddha Fruit New
TransformBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (2)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (3)The player detaches the upper portion of their torso and throws it forward, dealing damage to enemies hit by the strike.1
ImpactBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (4)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (5)The user splits their body into two parts, leaving only the torso, to perform a powerful attack that damages and stuns all enemies within a circular radius around the user.20
Buddha LeapBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (6)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (7)The user charges at their opponent with a succession of floating punches. The duration of this move is extended if held down.50
Buddha ExplosionBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (8)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (9)The user separates their limbs, both arms and legs, and takes flight in the air, similar to flight spinning. It is worth noting that they do not experience a constant decrease in stamina during this process.

The V2 of the Buddha Fruit

Key (V2)View
Dimensional BarBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (10)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (11)The user unleashes a swift vertical slash in the direction of their cursor, creating a dazzling effect and teleporting near the target while dealing damage.1
Abyssal DarknessBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (12)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (13)The user conjures a dark vortex that unleashes sinister tentacles forward, stunning and pulling targets while maintaining movement, inflicting damage in the process.25
Endless HoleBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (14)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (15)The user generates a vast black void that stuns targets, inflicting rapid damage as it grows in size the longer it remains active.50
Dark WorldBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (16)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (17)The user conjures a dark and voracious sphere that is thrown toward the cursor’s position. The sphere draws targets inside before forcefully launching them, inflicting damage in the process.100
Frightening StepBuddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (18)Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits 🍌 (19)The user teleports, leaving a purple residual image of the user, allowing them to avoid incoming attacks.10

How To Get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits?

When it comes to fighting in Blox Fruits, the Buddha Fruit is a super awesome choice! It’s not only great for grinding and helping out in raids, but it’s also really powerful in PvP battles. This fruit lets you keep using your weapons while using its powers. That means your sword strikes and fighting moves become even stronger with big hitboxes. It’s like having super-sized attacks that can really pack a punch! So, if you want to dominate in combat, the Buddha Fruit is definitely a fruit you should consider.

The Buddha Fruit is really special because it can make your weapons and fighting moves even better! It’s actually the only fruit that can enhance weapons, which is pretty cool. And on top of that, it’s also the only fruit that boosts your fighting style abilities. So if you want to have more powerful attacks and try out new strategies, the Buddha Fruit is definitely the way to go! It’s like having a secret weapon to help you become an unstoppable force in the game.

It is extremely versatile and adapts to any playstyle, whether you use a sword, a weapon, or a main fruit.In Transform/Shift mode, the damage of your Tap ability is reduced by 27.5% during PvP from Update 18 onwards.
This fruit is widely recognized as the best choice for facing raids and challenges in the Second/Third Sea.Buddha users are often the primary targets in combat due to their large body and hitbox size.
It offers exceptional damage reduction that adds to the power of Aura, providing valuable protection.Movements have a long animation, leaving you immobilized until the action is completed.
It is considered one of the best fruits in the game for facing enemies in prolonged battles, as it relies less on elements or logias thanks to its damage reduction. It is important to note that this advantage is particularly noticeable at levels above 700+.Buddha V2 has a wide hitbox but is extremely difficult to hit. The X move is especially challenging to land in PvP, both in V1 and V2.
The Rabbit race is especially beneficial for Buddha users as it grants increased size and high speeds, facilitating pursuit, mobility, and movement.Two moves have a similar startup time to Rumble (V2).
Moves X, C, and V of Buddha V1 break instinct, the same goes for all moves and jumps of Awakened Buddha, except the F move.It is more challenging to get out of the water due to the large hitbox, which can cause you to drown (V1).
In technical terms, you have more endurance than an average player due to the damage reduction you possess.The Buddha F move does not interrupt Instinct, although it grabs the player, it does not generate knockback or damage.
The hitbox (area of impact) is significantly larger, almost the size of the golden aura. This means that if the enemy enters the golden aura in any direction, they will receive damage from just your basic attacks. The moves also become slightly larger. Your clicks within the aura can push back NPCs, and if you combine this with the Ghoul race and Ghoul Mask (Life Leech), NPCs will be even more affected.It is not very reliable for effectively performing combos.
It is impressive for facing bosses, as you can attack them without them getting close, and you won’t have to worry about suffering significant damage due to the damage reduction.The Superhuman X move is impossible to hit players on the ground due to the shockwave that appears in the player’s torso.
Every move you make deals damage, except when using the Z move to transform into a normal player.Starting from Update 17.2, ALL NPCs, such as normal mobs and bosses using short-range fighting styles, can attack you. Bosses with large hitboxes in their attacks can reach you.
Buddha V2 has the ability to walk on water, as your hitbox is above the water. However, you must be cautious of moves that submerge your hitbox underwater, such as the Electric Claw C move, as they will cause significant damage to you.In Update 17 Part 2, the fruit underwent slight but notable changes in both speed and damage.
In V2, you have a jump boost that allows you to jump much higher, around 3 to 5 times the jump height of a normal character when transformed. (This feature does not apply to V1)Mobility is quite limited, although the Buddha Leap (C move) and Retribution Dash (F move) can help to some extent.
Maximizing the power of your sword ability or melee attacks helps inflict massive damage in player versus player (PvP) battles.Fruits like Shadow can be a great threat to Buddha users due to their area attacks and high damage, especially considering the size of the hitbox.
You become slower when transforming and even slower in the Awakened Buddha form.
The Buddha form can be bothersome due to its brightness and the floating circles around you, which can hinder visibility and require you to move away for a better perspective.
In PvP, Buddha users often do not receive rewards in the form of Bounty or Honor due to the suspicious death system, which does not grant rewards if the opponent dies from simple attacks (M1). This can be avoided by jumping before or during combat with Buddha V2, as it counts as a Blox Fruit attack.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Buddha Fruit

The Buddha Fruit has a really cool power called “awakening ability.” It costs 14,500 to unlock, which might sound like a lot, but don’t worry! Just unlocking the Z move for transformation is super useful. When you transform, you get a bigger hitbox and lots of other advantages. It’s like leveling up your attacks.

Oh, and here’s another neat thing about the Buddha Fruit: you can actually combine it with other fruits! This means you can keep the benefits of being in Buddha form while also enjoying the abilities of another fruit. It’s like having the best of both worlds! Just remember, if you die or leave the game, you’ll lose this advantage. So make sure to stay in the game and keep rocking with your powerful combo.

The creators of Blox Fruits have made some changes to the power of the Buddha Fruit to keep the game fair and balanced. They want to make sure that all players have a good time without any unfair advantages. So, they made some adjustments to things like extra health and damage in player versus player battles.

Even though there have been some reductions in certain benefits, the Buddha Fruit is still super valuable. It’s an important asset that can help you in the game. The balance is really important because it makes sure that players can’t just spam clicks and cause too much damage in player versus player battles. It keeps things fair and fun for everyone.

Changes and Updates to the Buddha Fruit

I’ve got some cool facts to share about the Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits! It’s got some really interesting things going on. First, when the fruit is awakened, there are Chinese characters that represent different elements. It adds a touch of mysticism and makes it even more special.

And guess what? The Buddha Fruit is one of the 13 fruits that actually glow when you see them in the game. How cool is that? Also, the Buddha Fruit V2 is one of the 11 fruits that can deal damage with their F move. That’s a pretty powerful move to have in your arsenal.

In conclusion, the Buddha Fruit is an amazing choice if you want to boost your combat skills and become a true champion in Blox Fruits. It’s so versatile and has some awesome awakening abilities. That’s why it’s one of the most sought-after fruits in the game. With all its cool features and powers, playing with the Buddha Fruit gives you a unique and exciting gaming experience. So, if you want to become a Blox Fruits master, the Buddha Fruit is definitely a top pick.

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