How To Get Bones in Blox Fruits?

Bones are super important in Blox Fruits. You’ll need them to make the powerful Soul Guitar and Hallow Scythe weapons. You can also trade 50 bones for Death King’s Random Surprise at the Haunted Castle. It’s a sweet deal with rewards like money, fragments, XP bonus, Hallow Essences, and even a chance at a random fruit. Just remember, you can only hold a max of 5,000 bones at once. Happy hunting.

How to Farm Bones the Fast Way

1. Farming the Haunted Castle Enemies

Farming the Haunted Castle Enemies

Once you hit Level 1,500 and unlock the Third Sea, you can finally check out the Haunted Castle area. But here’s a tip: instead of farming Reborn Skeletons in the Graveyard, head to the basement of the Blox Fruit Castle. There, you’ll find Possessed Mummy mobs that drop four to six Bones. They’re way better than the Demonic Souls on the higher floor, which only drop three to five Bones. And definitely better than the Skeletons, which only give you one to three Bones.

If you wanna farm Buddha Fruit, it’s a good idea to use moves like Shark Man Karate, Electric Claw, or Sanguine Art. They have a wide attack range, even though Electric Claw got nerfed. These moves work great for fast combos while farming.

2. Farming the Cursed Chests for Bones and XP in Blos Fruits

Farming the Cursed Chests for Bones and XP in Blos Fruits

If you’re not into farming bones, you can keep an eye out for Cursed Chests. During the Ghost Event, any chest on an island can randomly transform into a Cursed Chest every five minutes. You’ll know it’s a Cursed Chest when you see a black aura around it.

If you want to farm chests in Haunted Castle, this is pretty much the best route to do it:

  • Head to the top of the Castle’s flag.
  • Collect any chests you see along the way.
  • Go down and go to the Mausoleum in the Graveyard, the stone house where the Death King NPC is.
  • Claim the chests around the area.
  • Do a server hop and redo the steps again.

Many players suggest checking out the Castle on the Sea or Floating Turtle. The chests there are easier to find and access. According to the Blox Fruits community, when you join a server, the closest chest to your location might turn into a Cursed Chest. Builderboy TV has a video that shows this in action.

When you grab a Cursed Chest, watch out! Three Bone or Evil Wraiths might appear and attack you. They’ll be around the same level as you. But don’t worry, claiming the Cursed Chest will reward you with 20 to 30 Bones. And if you defeat each Wraith, you’ll get four to eight Bones. Plus, there’s a chance they’ll drop Bonus XP and Ghost Fruit.

Waiting for 12 Cursed Chests to spawn in an hour could give you up to 360 Bones. It might be faster than farming mobs. Just keep in mind that the Chest’s location changes and it only appears every five minutes. Unfortunately, for lower-level players, claiming Cursed Chests is the only way to get Bones.

If you’re in the First Sea, try farming chests in Upper Skylands, specifically inside the tall gray Temple where the Instinct Teacher is. Second Sea players can check out the Kingdom of Rose or Forgotten Island. Grabbing Cursed Chests also spawns enemies and Bonus XP, so you can farm XP too. Each kill can give you up to 7,000 XP.

3. Farming the Soul Reaper Raid Boss

Farming the Soul Reaper Raid Boss

You can try taking on the Level 2,100 Haunted Castle Raid Boss, the Soul Reaper. To spawn the Soul Reaper, you’ll need to carry a Hallow Essence and go to the altar with blue flames near the Graveyard. You can get the Hallow Essence by praying to the Gravestone NPC or through the Random Surprise option with the Death King.

The Soul Reaper has 260,000 HP and will drop 41 Bones every time you defeat it. To defeat the Soul Reaper quickly, use powerful Fruits like Buddha, Dragon, Magma, or Dough V2. If you’re around Level 2,500, you should be able to defeat the Soul Reaper in about three minutes. That means you could potentially get 820 Bones in an hour.

To recap, here are the best methods to farm Bones in Roblox Blox Fruits:

  1. Farm the Haunted Castle enemies: Possessed Mummy and Demonic Soul are your best targets.
  2. Farm the Cursed Chests: This is the only option available to get Bones for Blox Fruits players below Level 1,500.
  3. Farm the Soul Reaper boss: He will always drop 41 Bones.