4th Strongest Zoan Users in One Piece as of Chapter 1072-Yamato

Yamato 4th Strongest Zoan Users in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

As the daughter of the formidable Kaido, Yamato grew up in the turbulent world of the Beasts Pirates. However, Yamato 4th Strongest Zoan Users in One Piece as of Chapter 1072. Her reverence for Oden transcended her familial ties, leading her to identify closely with his image. When the opportunity arose to align with Luffy and his team in their planned uprising against Kaido, she didn’t hesitate to lend her support.

Yamato demonstrated her power during her encounter with Kaido. Despite the overwhelming odds against her, she managed to hold her ground against Kaido for a significant amount of time. Even though Kaido did not unleash his full power during their confrontation, the mere fact that Yamato managed to withstand his might showcases her remarkable strength and resilience.


Yamato’s formidable strength receives a further boost after she consumes the Dog-Dog Fruit Model Okuchi no Makami. This consumption not only amplifies her physical strength but also endows her with the power to create and control ice. The benefits of this unique power manifest in her battles, providing her with an additional layer of defense and attack.

Further complementing her physical strength is her ability to wield the Conqueror’s Haki, a power she inherits as a birthright. This places her amongst a small, exclusive group of individuals capable of wielding this advanced power. The combination of her inherited Haki, the enhanced physical strength from the Dog-Dog Fruit Model Okuchi no Makami, and her formidable resolve makes Yamato a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic world of One Piece.