Top 10 Strongest Zoan Users in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Powerful One Piece Characters Emerge as the Strongest Zoan Users. Within the expansive universe of Blox Fruits Top 10 Strongest Zoan Users in One Piece as of Chapter 1072, Zoan-type Devil Fruits stand as a prominent feature. These extraordinary fruits grant their bearers the power to morph into various animal forms, drastically enhance their physical prowess, and endow them with unique abilities specific to each fruit. Furthermore, these Zoan Fruits harbor an advanced stage called “Awakening,” unlocking an elevated tier of skills.

The latest unfolding in Blox Fruits’s Chapter 1072 has brought to light the fact that Lucci and Kaku, adversaries from the memorable Enies Lobby Arc, have successfully unlocked this “Awakening.” The realization of this stage is an exceptional accomplishment within the series, achieved only by a rare few. Now serving as agents of CP0, the mastery of “Awakening” by Lucci and Kaku solidifies their position among the top-tier Zoan users in the captivating narrative of Blox Fruits.

Ranking the Top 10 Most Potent Zoan Users from Jack to Luffy

One Piece Characters: From the Least to the Most Powerful

10. Jack

Jack is The 10th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Jack, known as “The Drought,” holds the fourth position in the strength hierarchy of the Beast Pirates. Esteemed for his stamina and brawn, he derives significant power enhancements from his Ancient Zoan, the Elephant-Elephant Fruit Model: Mammoth.

The Zou Arc marked Jack’s debut, where he engaged in a lengthy battle with the Mink Tribe’s two Dukes, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. For a full five days and nights, Jack faced off against the rotating duo without a moment’s rest – a testimony to his extraordinary endurance.

In the Wano Arc, the collaborative force of the two Dukes overpowered Jack. Despite healing somewhat from his battle-inflicted injuries, Jack found himself in a single combat situation against Inuarashi. However, with the latter regaining his Sulong form, Jack faced a brutal defeat.

9. Queen

Queen is The 9th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Known by the epithet “The Plague,” Queen is regarded as the third most powerful amongst the Beast Pirates and holds an All-Star rank in the crew. His past includes a stint with MADS, an unofficial team that boasted the crème de la crème of scientists within the One Piece realm.

Queen’s physical resilience and strength saw a significant boost following the consumption of the Dragon-Dragon Fruit Model: Brachiosaurus. His inventive brilliance is evident in his body’s high-tech modifications that encompass laser beams and extendable limbs, underscoring his scientific acumen.

In the Wano Arc, Queen engaged in a battle with Sanji, recognized as the third most powerful amongst the Strawhat Pirates. Although Queen seemed to dominate the early stages of the battle, the tide turned when Sanji unleashed his family’s genetic enhancements, leading to Queen’s defeat.

8. Kaku

Kaku is The 8th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Kaku serves the World Government as a formidable assassin. Before the narrative leap, he was the second-most powerful in the ranks of CP9. During the events at Enies Lobby, despite his gallant efforts against Roronoa Zoro, he suffered a crushing defeat.

Gifted with the Ox-Ox Fruit Model: Giraffe, Kaku has the ability to morph into a hybrid of human and giraffe, augmenting his strength and robustness. This transformation bestows upon him potent techniques like the Sky Slicer Rankyaku.

His swordsmanship skills are noteworthy, employing an unusual Four Sword Style, a quick blend of his Zoan-enhanced Rankyaku techniques with his swordplay.

Throughout the storyline, Kaku often appears as Lucci’s trusted aide. The time skip saw them return with significantly enhanced abilities, stepping into the role of elite agents for CP0. However, even with the manifestation of Armament Haki and an Awakened Zoan form, they found themselves outclassed by Luffy and Zoro, respectively.

7. Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is The 7th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Recognized as the most potent agent in the history of CP9, Lucci is an assassin known for his sadistic and impassive demeanor. He firmly upheld the “Dark Justice” concept during the Enies Lobby Arc, engaging in a challenging duel against Luffy that pushed the latter to his brink.

Lucci recorded the highest Doriki within CP9 and stood as the sole agent capable of executing a formidable clandestine technique known as “Rokuogan.” His Cat Cat Model: Leopard Fruit enables him to transform into a human-leopard hybrid, amplifying his velocity and strength.

Lucci’s might even garnered respect from Bartholomew Kuma, a Warlord of significant stature. The intervening time skip saw Lucci elevate his abilities, attaining the Awakening of his Zoan Fruit and honing his Armament Haki.

Assigned alongside Kaku and Stussy to assassinate Vegapunk on behalf of the World Government, Lucci set off towards Egghead. However, his path crossed with Luffy’s again, who, wielding his Gear 5 form, decisively triumphed over Lucci.

6. King

King is The 6th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Bearing the epithet “The Wildfire” due to his intimidating magma-esque flames, King serves as the most formidable ally to Kaido. Born as Alber, Kaido bestowed him the title “King” in acknowledgment of his impressive strength and chose him as his trusted confidante.

King is the final surviving member of the powerful Lunarian lineage, a race historically revered as invincible deities. Utilizing the inherent strength of his race, King can resist attacks and remain unharmed. Additionally, he can sacrifice some of his sturdiness to bolster his swiftness.

Thanks to the Dragon-Dragon Fruit Model: Pteranodon, King can morph into the ancient predator, thereby attaining immense offensive prowess and wings sturdy enough to parry the strikes of Zoro, who previously managed to pierce Kaido’s hardened physique.

In the course of the Wano Arc, he posed a considerable challenge to Roronoa Zoro. Nevertheless, the tide turned in Zoro’s favor after he unveiled his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, resulting in a one-sided defeat and subsequent disfigurement of King.


Marco is The 5th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Occupying the role of second-in-command in the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco loyally served Edward Newgate. Following the tragic demises of Ace and Newgate, Marco took the reins, leading the crew’s remnants. Regrettably, their force fell short in the confrontation against the Blackbeard Pirates, leading to the crew’s dissolution.

Regardless of this setback, Marco stands as a seasoned and influential pirate, earning broad-based respect from nearly all One Piece characters he has engaged with.

Attributable to the Bird-Bird Model: Phoenix Fruit, Marco possesses a self-regenerative ability that repairs any inflicted damage as long as his stamina persists. This unique power enabled Marco to defend himself against formidable adversaries such as Kizaru and Big Mom. Furthermore, he managed to obstruct King and Queen in a two-on-one skirmish and repel strikes from King and Kaido.


Yamato is The 4th Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Growing up as Kaido’s daughter, Yamato nurtured a deep respect for Oden, leading her to see herself in his image. As Luffy and his team planned a revolt against Kaido, she decided to join forces with them.

She showcased impressive power, sustaining herself against Kaido for a considerable duration. Even if the Emperor hadn’t unleashed his full might, the fact that she could withstand him marks a significant accomplishment.

Yamato’s consumption of the Dog-Dog Fruit Model Okuchi no Makami bolstered her physical prowess and granted her the ability to generate and manipulate ice. With the infrequent Conqueror’s Haki as a birthright, she belongs to the rare group of individuals capable of manipulating this advanced power.

3. Sengoku

Sengoku is The 3rd Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Sengoku, with his illustrious history as an Admiral and Fleet Admiral, stands out as a significant figure in the One Piece realm. Gol D. Roger, the revered King of Pirates, recognized him as a formidable challenger.

Teaming up with another renowned Marine, Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku secured a landmark victory over the notorious pirate, “Golden Lion” Shiki, solidifying his reputation as one of the era’s most influential warriors.

People around the world laud Sengoku for his exceptional acumen in military strategy. Moreover, he is among the rare individuals with the ability to command all three Haki types. His consumption of the Human-Human Fruit, Model: Buddha, enables him to transform into a colossal figure and unleash powerful shockwaves.

2. Kaido

Kaido is The 2nd Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Leading the Beasts Pirates, Kaido carried the title of one of the Four Emperors, a recognition that reinforced his formidable reputation in the pirate realm. His recognition as the World’s Strongest Creature amplified his standing significantly. Kaido claimed Wano for himself, successfully fending off Oden and the Red Scabbards who tried to reclaim it.

Kaido exhibited unmatched physical prowess and mastery in all aspects of physical battle. He also emerged as one of the elite wielders of the Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, a unique ability known only to a chosen few of the most formidable individuals.
Consumption of the Fish-Fish Fruit Model Azure Dragon granted him the transformational power into a complete dragon, or a human-dragon hybrid. In the course of the Wano Arc, Kaido single-handedly clashed with and overwhelmed powerful characters such as Luffy, Zoro, and Yamato.

Kaido had a track record of repeatedly subduing Luffy, but he met his match when Luffy unleashed the power of his Awakened Nika-Nika Fruit, combined with his own Conqueror’s Haki.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is The 1st Strongest Zoan User in One Piece as of Chapter 1072

Monkey D. Luffy, who is the leading figure of One Piece, heads the Strawhat Pirates. Throughout the series, Luffy faces various antagonists, including Warlords, Yonko Commanders, and Emperors.
Luffy’s successful defeat of Kaido earned him the prestigious title of one of the Four Emperors. This victory has solidified his reputation as a remarkable warrior. Placing him among the upper echelon of combatants in the One Piece universe.
His mastery over the advanced forms of all three Haki types showcases Luffy’s formidable combat skills. He commands proficiency in Observation, Armament, and Conqueror’s Haki.

After consuming the Human-Human Model: Nika, Luffy’s body assumed rubber-like flexibility. Using tactics known as “Gears,” he can enhance his speed and strength. His recently unveiled form, Gear 5, represents the Awakened state of his Devil Fruit. This transformation gives him the liberty to engage in combat with innovative techniques.