Blox Fruits Update 20

Features In Blox Fruits Update 20?

Are you looking for information about the new features coming to Blox Fruits in Update 20? Here’s a summary of everything we expect to see. Please note that this list is based on leaks, so the information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • Weekly Updates: The team behind Blox Fruits intends to provide weekly updates to the game. This will introduce new fruits and features regularly.
  • New Fruits: The update will bring several fresh fruits to the game. For instance, the Kitsune and Celestial fruits are confirmed for addition, and there is potential for the Leviathan and Mammoth fruits to be added. In addition, many other “outdated” Fruit abilities will receive visual reworks.
  • Improved Maps: The layout of the maps will largely remain the same, but they will be significantly improved to look crisper and nicer. However, the old maps (First Sea and Second Sea) are technically being removed and replaced with better-looking versions.
  • Maintaining Old Features: Existing features that players enjoy will not be removed. The team will focus on adding to the game and improving it bit by bit.
  • Sneak Peeks: The team will continue to provide sneak peeks of new fruits and islands. You can watch the video below, which shows some of the other changes coming to the game!

So, you want to know more about Blox Fruits Update 20? Well, that’s all the information we have for now. However, we’re confident that the developers will share more information in the coming days and weeks. If they do, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the new developments.