Blox Fruits Update 20.1

The latest update for Blox Fruits, called Update 20.1, has just arrived! It brings the highly anticipated Ghost Event, which adds a spooky and thrilling gameplay experience. Get ready to embark on a ghostly adventure and discover all the mysteries and enhancements this update has to offer!

Blox Fruits Update 20.1 – The Ghost Event

Update 20.1 brings the Ghost Fruit, a special fruit that adds a whole new twist to the game. It’s not just about coming back to life, it’s also tied to the Halloween Event, a fun seasonal celebration in the game. Get ready for some spooky adventures.


During the Halloween Event, you’ll come across Cursed Chests every 4-6 minutes. They’re like treasure chests filled with all sorts of goodies! You might find bones, fragments, 2x experience boosts, or even the rare spooky fruit. These bones can be used as currency with the Death King NPC, who’s always around and offers some awesome bonus rewards. It’s like a game of anticipation and excitement.

New Sea Event in Blox Fruits: The Haunted Shipwreck

There’s a new Sea Event called the Haunted Shipwreck that has appeared. It’s a thrilling challenge for brave sailors like you, as you’ll be facing supernatural forces lurking in the deep. Get ready for an exciting and spooky adventure.

Bug Fixes in Ghost Event

Update 20.1 is not just about new stuff, it’s also about making the game even better. The developers have fixed a bunch of bugs to give you a smoother gaming experience. They’ve made improvements to things like rewards, scroll modifiers, and combat mechanics. They’ve also fixed issues with location display and fruit-related delays. It’s all about refining the gameplay and making it more enjoyable for you.

Balance Changes in Update 20.1

The update has made some important changes to keep the game fair and competitive. They’ve balanced things out for the Shark Race, making adjustments to damage reduction, shield passives, and defense duration. They’ve also nerfed Rengoku’s damage and rebalanced modifiers like Sharpshooter and Unreal. It’s all about making the combat dynamics more balanced and enjoyable for everyone.

The developers have made some cool changes to the swords in the game. They’ve adjusted the damage of specific swords to keep the power balanced. The Hallow Scythe, for example, now has increased speed and damage. And there’s a new move called [X] that can shatter Instinct, which adds a strategic element to combat. It’s all about making the gameplay more exciting and strategic.

The economy in Blox Fruits has been updated. The price of the Magma fruit has gone up because it’s more valuable and in demand. They’ve also made the shop interface better by improving how fruits are displayed and rearranging the products. It’s all about making it easier and more enjoyable for you to play.

Update 20.1 Ghost Event Summary

Blox Fruits Update 20.1 Ghost Event is not just any update, it’s like a whole new world in the game! There’s lots of cool new stuff, improvements, and balance changes. It’s an exciting adventure waiting for you to explore. So get ready to set sail and have a spooky good time with the Ghost Event.